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Pricing a course is dependent on a host of factors including amount of content as well as design and management necessities. As a result, we are unable to offer fixed pricing structures on our 3 plans.



The Perfect starting point for individuals with one or few courses



Perfect for businesses or individuals with a number of courses



Aimed primarily at businesses with large content and content management requirements


We fill a very defined space in the Online Learning Sector in that we offer an affordable course creation, hosting and management service. Why would course link be the choice for you over existing Platforms? 

  • Individuals or Businesses with specific content and a defined target market who lack the time to self create and manage their course
  • Less restrictive design elements and the ability to make the content look incredible
  • Amazing functionality and features come standard, no matter the plan chosen
  • Exceptional service and support are an essential feature our business

Standard Features


Quality design is at the forefront of our business. We offer a variety of design templates and elements (according to plan chosen) to help guide the process.


All courses are based on our industry tried and tested Learning Management System (LMS). Your course functionality will be built around this.


We manage all basic elements of your course including user access and basic user support and troubleshooting regardless of the plan selected.


Your success is our success. We'll market each and every course across our social media platforms and offer you key advice as to how to reach your market.


All courses are hosted on this platform and you have a number of options as to visibility and access. The first years hosting is free of charge.


This is where we set ourselves apart. We will only take on what we can handle, allowing us to offer excellent service and stick to given timelines.


Digital notes, course forums and access to our extensive stock library are all included in our courses, no matter what plan is chosen.


Our courses involve a single upfront cost. No additional per user payments and escalating hidden costs. What you are quoted is what you pay.

Our Plans

All of our courses are action and feature packed. The difference in the plans is essentially down to the amount you hand over management of your course as well as the integration of more advanced design and  interactive elements into the course content. Click read more for a detailed synopsis of each. 


  • Choice of 3 templates
  • Basic Interactive Elements
  • Basic User Management
  • 2 sets of corrections
  • 1 Year free hosting
  • Free lifetime archive *

Starting From


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  • Choice of 6 templates
  • Advanced Interactive Elements
  • Advanced User Management
  • 3 sets of corrections
  • 1 Year free hosting
  • Free lifetime archive *

Starting From


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  • Stand alone, customized website
  • Full interactive Design
  • Multiple management options
  • Ongoing support
  • Pay as you add
  • 1 Year free hosting

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