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With the explosion of online learning resources, its difficult to know where to start. Self ‘creation’ platforms can be bewildering, time consuming and expensive and stand alone systems are out of the reach of most. Our unique service bridges the gap and offers all in, course creation, hosting and management with no hidden costs. We know online education. Let us connect your knowledge with the world

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We’ve been in online education since 2009 when we started developing learning resources for South African Health Professionals. The natural progression led us to creating and managing stand-alone Learning Management Systems for Businesses. Course-Link allows us to offer our expertise to individuals and smaller businesses and transform your content into industry leading courses

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Course-Link Demo Course

Want to see Course-Link in action? This course also serves as a ‘How To’ for registered participants before commencing.¬†


Game Lodge Marketing: Facebook

Facebook is totally under utilised in the game lodge industry. Learn how to use this powerful platform properly.
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Candice Winterboer

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